Nice to meet you

Peter Nemčok

Enabler, WordPress con(sultan)t and instructor

Ján Bočínec

“Inglourious basterd”, passionate WordPress architect

Pavol Caban

Front-end dev & workflow improver

Marek Daňko

Project coordinator

Martin Krcho

Senior developer & problem solver

Martin Tomášek

Webdesigner & UX specialist

Peťo Daňko

Project manager

Lívia Potočňáková

Tester & support

Michal Danko

Full stack developer

Šimon Cihra

Full stack developer

WordPress web solutions

We will create your website “from A to Z”. We’re serious. We devise web solutions that are fully custom-made. We start by having a coffee together and do not finish until the website is launched. Everything is above-board and professional, just as it should be.
Find out how we work
Find out how we work

Custom-made WordPress plugins

We have already created dozens of specific plugins. We’ll pick our brains over yours as well, just as you require. Have we mentioned that we are WordPress wizards yet?
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Contact us

We’ll check your code

Do you need to check the quality of your WordPress solution or plugin? Do you want an expert opinion on the work of other developers? Are you looking to get better at WordPress APIs? Bring it on.
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Contact us

Consulting and supervision

Your project will be overseen by the guy who founded the WordPress community in Slovakia. He will work with your contractors to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Or are you looking for some valuable advice before starting a project? No problem.
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Contact us

An e-shop that makes money

Do you want to take your business online? Is your current e-shop not making as much as it could? An e-shop designed by us will focus on sales effectiveness and simple administration. Why complicate things?
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Contact us

What else we do

Payment gateways

Payment solutions for WooCommerce and EDD for your e-shop.


We’ll explain everything to you. From the basics to advanced WordPress themes.

Maintenance & support

We’ll make sure your website is regularly taken care of. From security to minor adjustments.